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Give your child the confidence and skills needed to become a better writer. Whether it’s writing for a test, a college entrance exam, or a school paper, WRITING BOOTCAMP’S intensive and fun workshops will help your child learn to enjoy the writing process and become a better writer. For kids interested in stretching their creative muscles, Creative Writing for Teens offers a safe space for sharing their writing, experimenting with form, and learning more about how creative writers work.

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Writing Bootcamp for Boys

For boys entering grades 7-10

DATES: July 8-12
TIME: Monday through Friday 9-11am

Through a variety of expository prompts, students will tackle three of the biggest challenges of middle school writing: focus, clarity, and organization

Cost: $120

Writing Bootcamp I

For students entering grades 4-6

DATES: June 10-14
TIME: Monday through Friday 9am-12pm (Option to join regular camp afternoon session)

Through a variety of fun exercises, students will explore the four most common strands of writing: narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive

Cost: $180

Writing Bootcamp II

For students entering grades 10-12

DATE: June 24-28
TIME: Monday through Friday 10am-12pm

Through narrative and persuasive exercises, students will focus on strong thesis statements, relevant supporting details, and effective closing statements as well as the aspects of writing that make a paper come alive: voice, tone, and fluency

Cost: $120.00

Creative Writing for Teens

For students entering grades 8-12

DATE: June 10-14
TIME: Monday through Friday 3-5pm

Students will have a chance to loosen up, open their imagination, and share their stories. Each day we’ll study one aspect of fiction, including character, setting, voice, plot, dialogue, and point of view.

Cost: $120.00

All classes are taught by Janie Chodosh. A passionate writer and teacher, Janie has been teaching kids in Santa Fe for more than a decade. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Montana and teaches English at the Santa Fe Secondary School.

Private writing tutoring services are also available. For more information and curriculum details, contact Janie Chodosh at 984-8464 or jchodosh2@yahoo.com