Our full Parent & Student Handbook can be viewed in Google Docs format here

HOMEWORK: Teachers routinely assign homework to students at Secondary Learning Center. Homework is designed to enhance classroom skills and is an integral part of the educational process. It is essential, especially at the secondary level, that students successfully complete homework and develop good study skills. Math and Grammar are exceptions as they are practiced daily. Before school, from 8-9:30, after school until 4:30, and at lunch are all good times to work on these assignments, as well as times when students can receive additional help. It is the responsibility of the student to check the homework board posted on Engrade.com each afternoon before leaving school and to contact teachers by phone at a reasonable time if additional explanation is needed. It is the responsibility of the students who miss class to obtain their assignments. They should request assignments ahead of time when possible. Otherwise, their first strategy should be to call classmates for this information.

DRESS CODE: Students are expected to wear clothing and accessories that do not create undue distraction for teachers or other students. This means no bare backs or midriffs, no obvious display of undergarments, and pants/skirts/shorts of appropriate lengths. Violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but the final decision will be left up to the teacher, who may ask a student to change clothes. Continued infractions will result in dismissal.

LOST & FOUND: A lost & found receptacle is located in the front lobby or kitchen. Periodically students should check for any of their things that may have been left lying around the school. Every week the lost & found items will be discarded, including clothing.

ILLNESS: Students leaving the building due to illness must notify all teachers on duty before they leave. Secondary Learning Center will attempt to notify the parent or guardian of the student’s illness before the student leaves for home. If Secondary Learning Center is unable to reach the parent, the student may be sent home and asked to call Secondary Learning Center from home. The student must bring a parental note when he or she returns to school.

STUDENT VISITORS: Human visitors are welcome at Secondary.

DRIVING AND PARKING: Student and parent parking are provided in front of Secondary Learning Center. There is also an additional lot on the side of the school. Parents who have concerns or specific guidelines about their teen riding with other student drivers, please contact us in writing. Students with provisional licenses are allowed only one passenger by law. Regardless of parental approval, Secondary Learning Center cannot enforce this policy for students who are driving to and from our campus. Secondary Learning Center requires that all students be individually seat-belted when participating in school-sponsored activities. In the event of a field trip, requiring parent drivers, please remember our seat-belt policy when letting teachers know how many students can fit into your car.

LUNCH: Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) who are in good academic standing may leave campus during lunch. All other students are to remain on campus. Parents of underclassmen are welcome to take their student to lunch.