CHECKING IN: One positive way representatives can participate and support their student’s Secondary Learning Center education is to frequently check the homework board and the web site for updates on all homework, projects, tests and other relevant school news. The homework board is located outdoors near the double doors.

Your support and help is necessary for students to be most successful in completing their homework and developing good study skills. Please:

- Support student use of planner as an organizing tool.
- Be actively available for help with homework.
- Provide adequate quiet time and space for study.
- Discuss and agree upon the best time to do homework each day of the week.
- Make sure that student’s outside job does not interfere with homework needs.

SCHOOL PARTICIPATION: Each representative is required to offer the equivalent of a full work day each year to support Secondary. We will make every effort to find appropriate tasks and accommodate your schedule.

CONFERENCES: Conference Days are scheduled at the midterm of both semesters. Students do not attend classes on these days but are asked to accompany their representatives to a 20 minute conference with the principal and teachers. We ask that each family arrive a few minutes early so we do not get behind schedule; finishing all conferences during the days allotted is our goal.

Alternate conferences for special concerns, requested by representatives, students or teachers can be prearranged during the lunch hour or after school.

HEALTH CONCERNS: Representatives should notify Secondary Learning Center of any health problems or special medical considerations applying to their child. Secondary Learning Center requires representatives to sign a form each year authorizing Secondary Learning Center and its adult agents to obtain emergency medical treatment for any student, if their representative cannot be reached immediately. All representatives must provide state-approved proof of immunization or file the appropriate form for conscientious objectors. We work with students who have special medical needs, by providing in-class support and remote learning opportunities.

VISITING: Representatives are encouraged to discuss concerns and assignments with individual teachers during the normal academic week. Secondary Learning Center has an open door policy for representatives of Secondary Learning Center students. Representatives are encouraged to sit in on classes at their convenience and play an active role in their student’s education. Please notify the school if you are planning to visit a particular classroom. Secondary Learning Center is a school where your input is considered in all levels of academic planning.