Secondary Learning Center is a unique, academic, private school for grades 4-12. We strive for excellence through daily practice in a structured and supportive setting. We believe that sharing ideas and relating within a humane environment cultivates maximum growth.

Our keen interest in teenagers embodies the core and integrity of the program. We care about how teens think, what they think, and why they think it.

Secondary Learning Center exists to promote and support the learning of essential academic skills. Our purpose is to educate our students through a variety of classroom experiences so that creativity, cooperation and community all flourish.

Our alternative education program teaches all students a standard, core curriculum striving to find a balance between the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. We help students become independent thinkers and resourceful and fearless lifelong learners.

Over the years, Secondary Learning Center students have participated in various service projects that demonstrate our commitment to global communication and environmental sustainability.

In addition to providing a well-rounded, individualized Liberal Arts Curriculum, Secondary Learning Center provides each student with in-house College Preparation and Placement, ACT and SAT Preparation, GED Preparation, and Service Learning Credits. Secondary also helps link students with individual tutors for any need.

Our Application Process

Please call  (917)744-4448 to schedule a visit. You can also reach out to us via email to to ask any questions, or coordinate a time to visit.

• Student school visit for 1-2 days
• Student and parent interviews
• Math evaluation and writing sample
• Teacher or tutor recommendations

Tuition for 2014-2015: $9,000.00*

* No additional required fees; tuition discounts can easily be applied for by filling out our Financial Aid Form.

Non-Discrimination Disclaimer

Secondary Learning Center offers education from 4th to 12th grades for children of all racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds.