In 1993, at the request of local parents, our founder Dana Rodda began a small class for supplementing home school education. This class eventually grew into Ad Astra High School, and, in 1994, became Santa Fe Secondary School. In 2011, the school and its enrichment programs began the transition to non-profit status under the name of Secondary Learning Center, and received Advance Ed accreditation as a private high school in early 2014, as part of Starshine Academies. In 2014, Dana stepped away from administration and Antony Berzack became Secondary’s principal and director.

The Administration of Secondary Learning Center is responsible for both day-to-day and long-range implementation of the school mission. The Board is involved with all academic programs and various community service projects. Secondary Learning Center Board of Directors includes individuals with both educational and business backgrounds.

Secondary teaches all levels of mathematics and science; Dana also directed Santa Fe’s only Kumon Math and Reading Center for seven years. Our experience and commitment results in many students who are able to work years above their grade level upon graduation. Secondary is also willing and capable when math remediation are required, and we have years of experience with successful college placement for students. Before joining Secondary, Antony worked for Princeton Review in college prep and college placement. As always, Secondary offers personally tailored service to all of our students and endeavors to place all graduating seniors in the college of their choice.