Alternative Academic Program

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Secondary Learning Center is dedicated to striving for academic competence through daily practice. Our alternative education program builds skill levels in various ways, most involving traditional means of study. Included in our depth of academic exploration is the focus on individual organization and responsibility, as well as the understanding that independent thinking within a humane environment allows maximum growth.

ACADEMIC FREEDOM: Secondary Learning Center offers a variety of academic subjects. Once students have reached a satisfactory level of competence in those areas, they are encouraged to seek employment, internships, apprenticeships and/or college placement in order to demonstrate mastery in their chosen subjects. Most juniors and seniors are encouraged to take college level classes (for full college credit) in addition to Secondary Learning Center curriculum. Our students have historically attended both the College of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Community College.

ENGLISH PROGRAM: Students will receive a syllabus each semester that outlines the grading procedures and specific areas of study, books, plays and literary forms. Students are expected to write weekly papers. Topics, length and literary forms will vary according to the current area of study we are pursuing. Each year the English classes complete one research paper, one creative project, several expository essays,  and a study in theater and plays. Several key texts from the classical and contemporary canon are examined each semester.

HISTORY PROGRAM: Students cover a range of international topics, and typically capstone the course with a unit on current events. Topics in the past have included: Art, Diplomacy, Immigration, Literature, Philosophy, Technology, Types of Government, Wars.

MATHEMATICS PROGRAM: Students Students at Secondary Learning Center work independently through much of the math program. Secondary has found great success in text-based learning facilitated by a live instructor. Students work in their own workbook or online program with the help of a tutor, and are assessed by Secondary every week. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM: Equally, students work at their own pace on a foreign language program assigned by an instructor. Students may continue to work in the language they studied the previous year, or may branch into any number of languages. Students have graduated from Secondary having conquered Spanish, French, Italian, and Latin.

The following is a list of selected colleges to which our students have been accepted: American University, Antioch, Bard, Beloit, Colorado College, Columbia, Cornish College of the Arts, CU-Boulder, CU-Denver, Emery, Evergreen, Findlay, Georgetown, Goucher, Grinnell, Hampshire, Harvard, Lesley, Lewis and Clark, Northwestern, Oberlin, Pitzer, Reed, Rochester Institute of Technology, Sterling, Tulane, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Cruz, University of Chicago, University of Minnesota, UNM, University of Oregon, Wellesley, Wheaton, Yale University.